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Yacht Management 

The yacht management service is designed for people who own a boat but do not want to deal with their handling and maintenance.

Managing a yacht requires great knowledge in many aspects. There are many elements not to be underestimated therefore Amy offers its experience gained in yacht management. It is possible to give us the boat during the summer season or for all year, in that way we can study a perfect and advantageous solution for our client, because this service is tailored for the owner, so that he has the best economic benefit from the yacht.

The management sector includes an analysis of rules and laws, technical skills, safe administration and a commercial awareness in the yachting sector concerning these services: accounting, technical management, supply and communication, support to the crew, administration and insurance. Our job is to facilitate the life of shipowners and thanks to our experience the customer can reduce the expenses of the yacht guaranteeing always technical assistance.

Our services:

  • Administrative requirements
  • insurance
  • charter
  • Services of external and inner cleaning
  • Supply of fuel, water and galley
  • Maintenance services and more.


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